5254804 BLG RMX1812A - BsAsProAudio (5254804)


Sistema De Sonido Profecional
System Power: 1000 Watts
Subwoofer Power: 600 Watts
Subwoofer Components: 18" Subwoofer
Satellite Power: 2 x 200 Watts
Satellite Components: 12" Woofer and 3.5" Titanium Driver
System Freq. Resp.: 35HZ-20KHZ
Subwoofer Freq. Resp.: 35HZ-125HZ
Satellite Freq. Resp.: 125 HZ-20KHZ

Master Volume, Master High and Low Control
Left and Right Level Control
Subwoofer Level Control
2 Band EQ (80Hz, 12KHz)
Phase and Ground Switch
MP3 Control Display and Play Control SD/USB/iPhones Input Funstion
Multifunction Input
Line Output XLR
Left/Right Speaker Output
115V/230V Voltage Selector and Main Switch
AC Power Input Socket
With Overcurrent, Short Circuit, Overload and Overheat Protections

BLG RMX1812A, audio profesional bsasproaudio
BLG RMX1812A audio profesional bsasproaudio
BLG RMX1812A, audio profesional bsasproaudio


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